Of the Highest Standard

CAKEMIX RECORDING STUDIO creates the highest quality voice over demos available in the DFW Metroplex. On par with much more expensive demos they are designed to give you value and bring you work.

VoiceOver Demos at CakeMix Recording Stu
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CakeMix Recording Studio Voice Over demos are customized to help you shine. How?  We conduct a personal interview and find out what you want to accomplish.
Then we go to work and create a number of scripts to show off your individual talent.  Scripts are then sent for you to review and prepare for your recording session.
Once you've received and reviewed the scripts, we spend time coaching to help you prepare for your recording session.


Your VoiceOver Demo recording session at CakeMix Recording StudioPrepare to spend between two to two and half hours in your VOICEOVER Demo recording session at CakeMix Recording Studio. 

We spend quality time at CakeMix Recording Studio directing and creating your takes of your segments. Providing you a positive experience and allowing you to relax and give your best performance.  


The next step for your new VoiceOver Demo from CakeMix Recording Studio is editing and mastering the best takes of your recording session.  We then add music and sound effects if needed.  Your final tracks will sound like a finished spots. Once the spots are completed we call you back into the studio for the final review.  

Once we have completed the final review, we make any neccesary adjustments and

deliver your new VoiceOver Demo.