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CakeMix Recording Studio is a state-of-the-art recording facility that has been providing professional music recording services for 25 years. Our studio was created by the Russ Berger Acoustic Architects to give you a pristine tracking and master control rooms to make music magic. On the tech side, we are using the latest AVID Pro Tools | 24 track MTRX Studio utilizing some of the best preamps in the world. 


Our services include mixing, mastering, and recording and with the addition of our newest service Dolby Atmos Music, your music will be stepping into the future that is now, and ready for the latest upload technology available. Our pricing is competitive and we offer free tours, so you can get a better feel of our studio and what we have to offer.

If you want to take a listen to some of the projects we've been involved in, you can visit our Recording Artists here.


Step into the future now, let us help you find your "Sweet Spot" at CakeMix Recording Studio!

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Sound Mixer Knobs
Sound Mixer Knobs


CakeMix Recording Studio is excited to announce the launch of our newest mixing service for music!

We are introducing Dolby Atmos Music technology, taking your music to an all emersive level of higher quality music production and mixing. This new technology is expected to be available mid to late summer 2023 and we can't wait to show everyone what we have in store. Get ready to experience music mixing like never before!


What is Dolby Atmos Music?

Dolby Atmos is a tool that enables music content creators to expand and share their musical vision in three dimensions. It's like walking into virtual reality music bubble, you feel it moving through you and all around you.  That's 3-D music.

It is the future of all music and it is now and it's coming to CakeMix Recording Studio!

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