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CakeMix Recording Studio has upgraded to the highest standard in premium studio quality sound with the AVID Pro Tools | MTRX interface featuring the most pristine sound possible.  The heart of this superior sound quality is AVID/Pro Tools collaboration with the legendary sound of Digital Audio Denmark’s AD/DA converters, coupled with state of the art control surfaces with AVID EUCON, the Avid Dock, and 3 AVID S-1 Control Surfaces for 24 track control and monitoring, and 48 channels of DANTE I/O for additional digital audio connectivity.

CakeMix Recording Studio


The Control Room’s 4K 86 inch video monitoring for Audio Post Production is mirrored with 4k 55 inch video the Recording/Tracking Rooms for superior ADR performance.  Voice actors and musicians all appreciate the attention to detail and the amenities offered at CakeMix Recording Studio, nurturing inspiration, creativity, and premiere performance.


Our legendary acoustic architectural design by Russ Berger Design Group is among the finest offerings in North Texas. With these acoustic spaces, the AVID | Pro Tools Ultimate | MTRX premier technology, and the experienced award-winning staff at CakeMIx Recording Studio, clients now have state of the art access to unparalleled speed, rich visual and sonic feedback, all combining to greatly enhance their creative and production aspirations and goals.


CakeMIx Recording Studio’s AVID Pro Tools | MTRX mixing environment features mixing and mastering in stereo, 5.1 surround, and 7.1 surround sound.

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